Catholic Church

Catholich Church

Eat Me


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Diagnostic biochemist. Bacteriologist(pathogenic diagnostic). jazz guitarist. Candidate chess Master.
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11 Responses to Catholic Church

  1. bozoboy87 says:

    Yes, join the catholic church. Then start eating its excrements. Bowing to its idols. Blinding yourself to its criminal activities. And going to hell with all its followers.

    • >>>>>And going to hell with all its followers.<<<<<
      Oh? You've been to Hell? You know that's where Catholics go? Wow. I wish I could have your power. Then I'd know everything without having to be a theologian. God grants me supreme knowledge without even being a theologian, right?
      You're so dumb.

  2. Cooeee!!! Hiya Bosskat,

    You should have called your new blog “Waynes World”.

    Love to Elsinore. Byeee!!!

  3. a) This is a chicken
    b) Bosco, if you want to be the greatest Protestant theologian, go for it! It starts by re-learning MUCH!

  4. St Bosco says:

    Take a closer look. Its a turkey. Like you, its a jive turkey, turkey.

  5. That is not the Catholic Church, that is a rotisserie chicken.

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