ImageImageImageImageHere are the pictures i promised brother Chalcedon. He didnt believe the popes mitre had tails. According to bro Chalcedon, its just a coincidence. Lets take a hypothetical look at the designing of this hat. The conversation might have gone like this;

Well, how shall we shape the poniffs hat?

I dunno.

Say, how about a giraffe hat?

No no, too odd.

Ok, uh, how about a banana? thats the ticket.

Naw, say how about a fish head, yeah, a fish hat.

Say, thats a great idea.




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Diagnostic biochemist. Bacteriologist(pathogenic diagnostic). jazz guitarist. Candidate chess Master.
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  1. I thought according to Chalcedon, the Pope’s mitre wasn’t a FISH!

  2. St Bosco says:

    Chalcedon denies the catholic hats are Babylonian fish hats. He says its just a coincidence. Ask him, why don’t you. He refuses to believe Catholicism is Babylonian mystery religion with a new name. They have all the same stuff. He thinks its all just a happy coincidence.

  3. Fish hat look like dis…

    Mitre look like dis…

    Um…I not seeing much of a correlation between a fish hat and a mitre no offence. One’s er, a fish hat. The other’s er, a mitre.

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