hello, my name is Father Seppia, and Im in charge of fighting pedophilia

hello, my name is Father Seppia, and Im in charge of fighting pedophilia

When im not flat on my back hihj on coke, im chasing little boys down the street.
Catholic priest in charge of sex scandal caught with kiddy porn
Posted by: Jacob Fortin Posted date: August 03, 2011 | comment : 7

It’s beginning to look like any effort to “clean up” the Catholic church of pedophiles is an impossible task. Consider this: Pope Benedict XVI’s right hand man in charge of helping him track down pedo priests, Father Riccardo Seppia, was arrested last May when he was caught trying to arrange sexual encounters with his drug dealer. Now, it seems as though another priest in charge of investigating pederasts has been arrested of actually being one. Married Jarvis [Not a name but a title for some reason] was recently commissioned by the Diocese of Plymouth, England to ensure that pedophiles would not have access to children. He’s been fired from his job after police found over 4000 sexually explicit pictures of minors. Way to clean house, guys.


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