My Trip to the Beach today


No, this isn’t me, its my atheist friend Dave.


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  1. In Miami Dade County there are only 4 strips of public beach. The rest is private ruled over by condo towers, rows of giant sun bleached dominoes waiting for hurricanes and sea level rise to carry them all away.

  2. St Bosco says:

    That’s sad. Here is so cal, most of the beach is ours.

  3. O my goodness! Bosco’s associating with an atheist! That’s one step closer to HELL! I’m witnessing to you right now Bosco. I’m witnessing to you. Get back in line! Associate with CHRISTIANS and you’ll be born again! Associate with atheists and you’ll make it to the Lake of Fire (flesh and bone!)!

  4. St Bosco says:

    Bosco isn’t wrong. I don’t interpret bible. I take it at face value.

  5. HA! Bible-answer-man can’t answer question!

  6. Oh, this is good stuff! Bosco, who allegedly believes every single word of the Bible can’t even answer my Bible question! What a clown he is!

  7. St Bosco says:

    You spaz, I cant explain when im sleeping.

  8. St Bosco says:

    That’s David wondering why god has abandoned him. He thought god was sleep, which he wasn’t. What do they teach you in these bible classes? I guess nothing. Stick around, ill teach you a thing or two.

    • >>>>>That’s David wondering why god has abandoned him. He thought god was sleep, which he wasn’t.<<<<<
      No. The Holy Spirit was speaking through David and David said God was sleeping. Nice try but I believe my Bible without puny St Bosco commentary. Your theology degree makes it hard for you to comprehend but God is both simultaneously asleep and doesn't sleep at the same time. That's God.

    • Okay, I won’t joke with you. What we learn in these Bible classes is precisely that people like you say they believe the Bible and that’s it but must for some reason insist on interpreting the Bible when it’s convenient and cherry-pick when it’s convenient. And so they basically give me a lesson about the way people like you will act like for mere conveniency! Cool, right?

      And for my real views on the book of Revelation…this book is a nice and handy book.

  9. St Bosco says:

    Yeah, that book looks like some catholic horse shit.

    • a) It’s by a Catholic so no duh.
      b) You’re a Christian–watch your language.
      c) I believe in God as best I can and so do you. We’re human, we need help. You’d know that if you weren’t so busy telling us we’re going to Hell. Auntie is leading me to God right now. I should say a rosary for her.
      d) We’ve established that you rely on Biblical interpretation as well so you’re not entirely far off from the rest of us.
      e) Let’s continue these sessions. Most people think you’re a moron and see no hope for you. I think you just need to calm down and rejoice at how easy being a Christian can be and you’ll start to see the light.

  10. Bosco, I’m so sorry that your atheist friend Dave had a heart attack. Do try your best to cast Jesus’s light to him and love him. And love me too for I struggle with faith. God bless you.

  11. FYI, no more dragon…I is a fetus now!

  12. St Bosco says:

    Well, that’s nice. Im sure Mother will like it

  13. St Bosco says:

    Mammy, how I love ya how I love ya
    My dear ol Mammy

  14. St Bosco says:

    Why don’t you google the phrase …mommy dearest. No harm in learning something is there?

  15. St Bosco says:

    Yeah, what do you care? Since when did you become Oral Roberts?

    • Bosco,
      when Jesus comes back and all the Cathols go to Heaven, what will you say? will you attempt to tell Jesus that these Cathols should go to Hell? will you really try to tell Jesus off?

  16. St Bosco says:

    Man youre drunk. Talk to me when you sober up.

    • I’ve been sober yet nevertheless, you think I’m drunk.
      THIS was a serious question…
      when Jesus comes back and all the Catholics go to Heaven, what will you say? will you attempt to tell Jesus that these Catholics should go to Hell? will you really try to tell Jesus off? then what will Jesus say to you after you tell him off?

      • So Bosco, when you gonna answer my question?
        when Jesus comes back and all the Catholics go to Heaven, what will you say? will you attempt to tell Jesus that these Catholics should go to Hell? will you really try to tell Jesus off? then what will Jesus say to you after you tell him off?

  17. St Bosco says:

    If all catholics go to heaven(raptured) and im left behind, I will start robbing banks and raping pretty ladies and robbing grocery stores and liquor stores and stay drunk till I die. That’s what id do.

  18. St Bosco says:

    You asked me what I would do if I found out I wasn’t a Christian and got left behind. You don’t make sense sometimes. Do you take your meds as prescribed? If so, you might want to ask your doctor for stronger more mgs of lithium or something.

    • I did NOT ask you what you would do if you found out you weren’t a Christian and got left behind. I asked you…
      when Jesus comes back and all the Catholics go to Heaven, what will you say? will you attempt to tell Jesus that these Catholics should go to Hell? will you really try to tell Jesus off? then what will Jesus say to you after you tell him off?
      NOTE: I did NOT say when Jesus comes back and you find out you aren’t a Christian and get left behind? I asked you what would happen if you found out that CATHOLICS actually were Christian (we’re NOT saying “Catholics go to Heaven, therefore St. Bosco won’t be a Christian,” I’m assuming that BOTH you and the Catholics are determined Christian by Jesus–WHAT WILL YOU SAY WHEN YOU FIND OUT JESUS CONSIDERS CATHOLICS CHRISTIANS ALONGSIDE YOU?

    • I replied to your comment St Bosco…you’re running out of legitimate arguments. PLEASE! I beg you, find the easy way before it’s too late! Jesus wants you to rest!

  19. St Bosco says:

    Oh no. Not you too? get away from me with that mary bull shit. man, you need a hobby.

  20. St Bosco says:

    You go worship this Mary all you want. Don’t let me stop you. But the catholic Mary is not Jesus mother. its some made up queen of heaven, which there is no queen of heaven. Its just more catholic horse shit. The filthy CC re named Diana to Mary to bring in the Diana worshipers from Ephesus. Take my advise…forget the catholic church while youre still young. Don’t get trapped in their unending web of un biblical madness.

  21. Right here Bosco. The defence of the Queen of Heaven. Now give unto Mary her due obeisance as the Mother of God–she cares for you deeply and wants you to come home.

  22. Bosco, you coward! I’ve given you several opportunities to respond to this and you haven’t!
    That’s because you KNOW, deep down in your heart, that Catholic Mariology is TRUE and that they AREN’T idolaters!

    • What? Bosco no commenting on the Trinitarian Greek philosophy–this can only mean one thing! He’s not a Trinitarian!

      • St Bosco says:

        That article was just a lot of nothing. God if the Father Son and holy ghost. The new test says they are one. So I don’t know what is eating you. All three are one. Didn’t you bible class go over that with you? Or were you sick that day?

      • I never know about you, Bosco. First, you have no problem using shady sources to tell us Catholics worship Nimrod, Tammuz, and Semiramis, then when someone shows you a shady source telling you that the idea of Trinities existed in other pagan religions, you just tell us “Oh, the Bible say that God is a Trinity!” You honestly make no sense! The Bible tells me that Mary is the Mother of God! It say she is Mother of Jesus and Jesus is God therefore, Mary is the Mother of GOD! It also tells me she is the Queen of Heaven too! Well, I believe the Bible, not silly Bosco’s private interpretation of it.

  23. I never know about you, Bosco. First, you have no problem using shady sources to tell us Catholics worship Nimrod, Tammuz, and Semiramis, then when someone shows you a shady source telling you that the idea of Trinities existed in other pagan religions, you just tell us “Oh, the Bible say that God is a Trinity!” You honestly make no sense! The Bible tells me that Mary is the Mother of God! It say she is Mother of Jesus and Jesus is God therefore, Mary is the Mother of GOD! It also tells me she is the Queen of Heaven too! Well, I believe the Bible, not silly Bosco’s private interpretation of it.

  24. St Bosco says:

    I don’t interpret the bible. I believe what it says. You can use semantics to say Mary was mother of god. But the bible says Jesus was the son of man.

    Ye shall see the son of man coming in clouds of glory…and other references. Mary was the mother of a man. And if you can show me where Msary is queen of heaven in the bible, ill believe it too. Ill even become a god damned catholic if you can show me where it says that. Deal? If you cant, then I want a public apology from you and I want you to tell everyone what a fool you are. Deal?

    • Exegesis, Bosco, exegesis. Let’s do some!
      You say, “Jesus was the son of man”. That’s true that Jesus is the son of man! The Bible also says he was GOD!
      John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
      John 1:14 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth; we have beheld his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father.
      Revelation 19:13 He is clad in a robe dipped in[c] blood, and the name by which he is called is The Word of God. [it’s describing Jesus who is the Word of God]
      Luke 1:43 And why is this granted me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?
      Mary is the mother of Jesus–the son of man and GOD! Therefore, Mary is the Mother of God. It’s what the BIBLE SAYS Bosco!

      Mary is the handmaid of the lord.
      Luke 1:38 And Mary said, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her.
      All Christians are slaves (or handservants) to Christ.
      1 Corinthians 7:22 For he who was called in the Lord as a slave is a freedman of the Lord. Likewise he who was free when called is a slave of Christ.
      All slaves to Christ are a kingdom of priests.
      Revelation 1:6 and made us a kingdom, priests to his God and Father, to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.
      Mary, as the one who gave birth to God, is the forebearer of the church’s message and therefore, the Queen in this heavenly kingdom of priests and therefore, the Queen of Heaven.
      That’s what the BIBLE SAYS Bosco!

      You gotta always remember to DO EXEGESIS!

  25. St Bosco says:

    Don’t give me any “therefores” Show me where the bible says Mary is the queen of heaven. Magic words like exeegis don’t cut it.

    • Bosco,
      exegesis–critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially of scripture
      It’s the task of figuring out WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS! Until we FIGURE OUT what the BIBLE SAYS, the Bible is completely and utterly void of meaning.

      That said, I have shown you where the Bible says Mary is the Queen of Heaven and yet you refuse to believe. Only GOD can open up your willfully blind eyes now!

      • Here’s an example–where does the Bible say it’s the Word of God? NOWHERE! And yet you believe this to be true.
        Where does the Bible say it alone is infallible source of knowledge? NOWHERE! And yet you believe this to be true.
        So why would the Bible have to explicitly say Mary is the Mother of God or the Queen of Heaven even though this is a much more clearly articulated Biblical doctrine than the primary two doctrines I listed here.

      • St Bosco says:

        Thou shall not kill

        How many big thinkers does it take to “figure” that one out. The bible means what it says. To the carnal man, the unsaved, yes , it means nothing.

      • Actually, it apparently does need explanation. And I think Tolstoy did a good job on that verse by backing it up with Jesus’s sermon on the mount, turning the other cheek and all. Hey! Did you know “thou shall not kill” means “thou shall definitely not hate either”? And yet, all these Israelites were interpreting it WRONG and so Jesus had to come down and explain what that MEANT to them because IT WASN’T STRAIGHTFORWARD! It means “no wars, no hate, no murdering”. Not just “not killing” for if it meant that, the cockroach would still be bothering us.

  26. St Bosco says:

    Somewhere in the new test it says scripture is inspired by the holy ghost or something. Plus, fear of the Lord is the BEGINNING of all wisdom. The bible, on top of god telling us what it is, its also an account of stupid people like me and you.

    You still haven’t brought up Mary being queen of anything. How come Paul or John don’t mention one word of it? Yeah, how come? If Mary were so freakin important, how come on one says so? Hey, don’t let me stop you from groveling face first in the dirt befor a graven image of Tammuz.

    • You still haven’t shown me where the Bible tells us it’s the Word of God! Oh wait, that’s because it was COMPILED together and given to you by CATHOLICS which means CATHOLICS have the right to interpret the Bible!

      I HAVE shown where Mary is the queen of Heaven yet you choose not to believe. You don’t believe the Bible, Bosco. Only God can help you now.

      • St Bosco says:

        All scripture is inspired by god. The NT says this. Too bad I don’t have the exact verse, but you should know it since youre so smart.
        You haven’t shown me jack about Mary, just a couple “therefors”.
        The street is wet, therefor it rained. No, someone could have hosed it down.
        Don’t let me get in the way of you and catholic idolatry. Make sure drop your dime in the basket. Or maybe some rubbers, in case your priest doesn’t think you are safe. Lots of priests are coming down with aids, you know. Maybe you should make him wear one. I wouldn’t trust them.

      • That doesn’t mean that the Bible is the word of God. You are doing exactly with that passage what I am doing with Mary. Making an INFERENCE based on a passage. I made an INFERENCE that Mary is the Queen of Heaven based on the Bible. You made an INFERENCE that the Bible is the word of God. So it looks like you prefer a certain exegetical method when it works and dispose of it when it doesn’t…hmmm…

  27. St Bosco says:

    You dip stick..are you for real? It says in black and white that ALL scripture is inspired by god. That’s a quote…I didn’t add anything to it, and it means what it says…no therefors like you have to do. This must be some kind of a joke.

    • It says “ALL scripture is inspired by god” at a time when the ONLY scripture around was the freaking OLD TESTAMENT! That means that this passage COULD be saying “The Old Testament is inspired by God” without indicating ANYTHING from the New Testament! At WORST, it’s just saying “all scripture is INSPIRED by God”. Hence, meaning it’s source of INSPIRATION is God, but put together by human hands, it is still the words of men. It DOES NOT say that “scripture is the word of God”. The Word of God is JESUS! That is EXPLICITLY addressed in the NT! You are making an INFERENCE! The same EXACT thing I do with MARIOLOGY! Welcome to the club!

      • St Bosco says:

        Why don’t you read some of the OT, like Isaiah. God is talking, not man. God also knew we would be getting the NT. He does know the future, you know…or haven’t you got that far in your bible classes? One of the last words in Rev are not to change the words of that book. John wrote down what god dictated to him. But, you’ve got Mary to save the day. So get your beads and break out the Tammuz graven image and get down to business.

      • Why don’t you read the Qur’an? God is talking, not man. Qur’an=God’s word? Humans can write about God, duh.

        Actually, my Bible classes teach a different view on Bible prophecy–it was done to throw people back into line, not that it would actually happen.

        It never says, “don’t change the words of this book” it says “don’t add or subtract words from this book”. And besides, I haven’t changed the words of the book, I’ve merely given you my interpretation.

        OTOH, calling the beast, Syria and the dragon, Iraq IS changing the words of the book. Doh! You’re going to Hell!

  28. St Bosco says:

    Your interpretation eh? Well, I thank you for it. All I offer is what the bible says, without interpreting. Face value. The sooner you get that the better. Times a tickin away.

  29. St Bosco says:

    Anyway…how do you work your bisex thing? Do you flip a coin in the morning…….heads, its bush…….tails, its balls across the nose.

  30. Dear friend Bosco,
    I appreciated that comment you wrote on my blog. Thank you for it. May God guide you to his truth as well.

  31. Bosco, as a recent, born-again, non-Catholic, non-Lutheran, non-Methodist, non-Anglican, Bible-thumping Protestant fundamentalist like you are, I am a bit concerned for the salvation of your soul.
    The Bible clearly says not to post pictures of tampons on your blog and yet you do this (Matt. 5:27-30). The Bible also clearly says not to hang out with the wicked and yet you do this (1 Cor. 15:33). Bosco, you need to start living out our fundie Christian faith. Go back and read The Fundamentals published 1910-1920.


  33. now, now, Bosco…you be nice to Marie Daffoe. She didn’t choose to let you be born into this world.

  34. Congratulations…both of your recent comments on my blog were marked as spam. I TOLD YOU NOT TO MAKE RUDE COMMENTS ABOUT MY SEXUALITY!

    • St Bosco says:

      qWhat did you land on this morning? Heads or tails?

      • This is ridiculous Bosco. I struggle with bisexuality and you have no sympathy but only guffaw at it. MATURE AND GROW UP, BOSCO!

      • St Bosco says:

        How do you struggle with it? help me out here. I know what I like. And it would be next to imopssile to talk me out of it. like pastrami sandwich. I see one and I go nuts wanting one. Its how I am. I don’t struggle with it.

      • >>>>>I know what I like. And it would be next to imopssile to talk me out of it. like pastrami sandwich. I see one and I go nuts wanting one. Its how I am. I don’t struggle with it.<<<<<
        That's because you've acknowledged yourself as an animal, not a human being.

      • St Bosco says:

        So, you never told me…..what did the coin land on this morning? Tails? Its off to the gay bar for us today.

  35. Bosco, iri1701 left a comment for you on my blog. You may want to seriously consider it but I fear that God has rejected you.

  36. Bosco, who gave you authority to judge who’s not looking for God and what not? Did God give that authority to you? I doubt it.

    • St Bosco says:

      What does it matter to you?Theres 2 types of people…the saved and the unsaved. I can tell who is saved, almost all the time. Does that bother you? You’ve got satan, so why bother me about anything. You got your god. Enjoy.

      • You know for fact that Catholics have Satan though. I struggle with Satan. You don’t see my struggles and respond with love, you respond with hate. That is NOT Christian.

      • St Bosco says:

        I don’t care enough to hate you. You’ve never done anything to me. If it sounds like hate, it must bother you. The lord is coming soon for his church. I leave this earth to all you who despise god. No my friend, I don’t hate. But the earth will be turned over to the man of Sin. hahaha. tell me about hate then. Youll see what real hate is. You little maggots belly ach about me. Wait till your master gets his slimey hands on you. I don’t hate you, but I get satisfaction knowing what you will be in for. Im slowing down my ministry. If you don’t want salvation, fine with me.


      • St Bosco says:

        Dang. What do they teach you at this bible school? Id get my money back if I were you. Spend that money on a good psychiatrist.


      • St Bosco says:

        What the fuk do you care? get back to your master satan.

    • St Bosco says:

      He doesant redeem the world.He makes a new heaven and a new earth. Just between you and me, that is. If you don’t get saved, you wont be there to enjoy it.

  37. Bosco, are you depressed?

  38. I am not approving your recent comment. You need to improve the language and show some charity.

  39. How’s it feel to not be saved, Bosco? I heard that the unsaved don’t know that they’re not saved and the saved don’t know that they’re saved (Matt. 25:31-46).

  40. Matthew 25:37-40 – Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see thee hungry and feed thee, or thirsty and give thee drink? And when did we see thee a stranger and welcome thee, or naked and clothe thee? And when did we see thee sick or in prison and visit thee?’ And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.’
    Matthew 25:44-45 – Then they also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see thee hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to thee?’ Then he will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it not to one of the least of these, you did it not to me.’
    vs. 46 – the wicked go to Hell and the righteous to eternal life. The saved know NOT that they are saved and the unsaved think that they are saved. How self-righteous of those morons. Now give the Bible verse where it says people KNOW that they are saved. Your great Bible scholar Martin Luther knows very well that the saved know NOT that they are saved.

  41. St Bosco says:

    The holy spirit is not the author of confusion.

    The verse you quoted doesn’t mean the saved don’t know they were saved. it means what it says. They didn’t know they were helping Jesus by helping the poor and imprisoned. Doing good works didn’t save them. That’s something the CC doesn’t understand.

    • >>>>>The holy spirit is not the author of confusion.<<<<<
      I take it you have not the holy spirit then because you are really making the plain meaning of Matt. 25:31-46 hard to understand. Not only does it say their helping the poor saved them because they were helping Jesus, thus Jesus saved them, it shows their unknowingness that they were being saved in the process. I teach what the Bible teaches. I've taken courses in Biblical Hebrew, New Testament and I'm taking one in literary approaches to the Hebrew Bible this semester. I know how to read my Bible, thank you very much.

  42. Your eschatological interpretations are pretty whacky also. You’re just overall filled with whacky interpretations of the Bible. Get with the program.

    • St Bosco says:

      It doesn’t say anywhere that good works saved them. They asked and were born again, that’s what saved them. Then they continued in good works. That’s something you should think about doing. Asking jesus to reveal himself to you. He said he will. Until then, you don’t know him.

      • Revelation 20:13 – The sea gave up the dead who were in it, and Death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them. And they were judged, each one according to his works.
        Bosco, it can’t get any more crystal clear than this. Quite your whacky interpretations!

      • Oh, yes, I forgot to mention…the only FREAKING time the word “born again” is mentioned is in John 3:3-5 where Jesus is clearly talking about baptism! Being raised in an heretical, liberal family, no one ever told me this!

      • St Bosco says:

        Listen up, im going to give you a homework assignment. Who are these people who get judged?

  43. Even further Bosco, in Byzantine theology, baptism doesn’t give you the Holy Spirit, you need the seal before you receive the Holy Spirit which is done immediately following baptism with chrismation. This is demonstrated in Acts 8:9-24. So one can only hope that they are even in a true and proper church since the Byzantines don’t acknowledge Catholic (well, Greek Catholics accept Catholic confirmations) or Anglican confirmations!

    Getting back to Revelation 20:13–the people who get judged in this verse are unspecified so it’s probably the entire human race. After all, the entire human race is judged according to their works in Matthew 25:31-46 as well. I think the warning message is clear though, Bosco–you need to BEHAVE like a Christian if you want to call yourself one.

    • St Bosco says:

      Wrong answer. But you admit you don’t know.

      Go back and try again…..Who gets judged?

      • John 5:28-29 – Do not be astonished at this; for the hour is coming when all who are in their graves will hear his voice and will come out—those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of condemnation.
        ALL of them Bosco. ALL of them! Both the wicked and the good get judged according to their works. It couldn’t be more explicit than this yet you try to bury the Bible’s message with your whacky interpretations. SHAME ON YOU!

      • St Bosco says:

        You get an A for effort and an F for failure to answer the test question.

        The saved are on the right hand of god…the unsaved, the goats are on the left side. The left side is judged. If everyone was judged, everyone would go to hell.

        No ye not that the saints(saved) will judge the earth?

        The saved, those that are coved in the blood of Christ aren’t judged, because when god sees them, he sees the righteousness of Christ.

        One has to ask to be born again. One cant stand in line to be saved.

        Judge: “to form a judgment or opinion of; decide upon critically:”

        BOTH the sheep AND the goats are JUDGED!

      • St Bosco says:

        The saved are coved in the blood. There is no question that they are saved. They stand befor the judgement seat. But they are saved.

      • They are judged (determined) saved. Everyone is judged. That’s what judgment means…decision. God decides whether someone is saved or not. It’s not up to us. The saved don’t know that they’re saved.

      • And to be born again, one has to be baptised and confirmed in the correct church. Otherwise, they aren’t born again. One can only hope that they’ve been baptised and confirmed/chrismated in the correct church. Willful schismatics and heretics can’t be saved.

      • St Bosco says:

        tHE CORRECT CHURCH. Oh man. We better study hard so we can determine which sick sad religion is the best.

      • St Bosco says:

        He understands your circumstance. That’s why he created hell.

      • He created Hell for people like you who willfully and obstinately tote around heresy and schism. Not for people whose fault it was not.

      • St Bosco says:

        Schism? Whats that? Don’t tell me you went religion shopping and bought that dirty catholic church. You stupid fool….do you really like pedophile priests and graven images and homosexual poes and lesbian nuns?
        Well, I answerd my own question. I guess you would feel at home with a bunch of perverts.

      • Actually Bosco, I’m not religion shopping right now. I’m trying to find a home as an Anglican Catholic in the Traditional Anglican Communion–the largest Continuing Anglican body of Anglican Catholics–and I really am not going to judge any one as being homosexual because that’s between them and God. And they do venerate images and any one who says images cannot be venerated is anathema. We’ve been over this numerous times–the veneration of images is made possible by the breath of God in the incarnation. Here, read the council!

      • Schism is separation from the true church. Anglicans, Orthodox, and Catholics are all schismatic due to this. Just not to themselves.

      • St Bosco says:

        Oh boy. Anglican. Well, that’s better that catholic, I guess. So, what made you give up your beloved Baphomet?

  44. St Bosco says:

    Salvation is there for the asking. its not a ritual you have to do. Religions are liars.

    • “This worship, then, which in Greek is called λατρεία, and in Latin servitus [service], but the service due to God only; this worship, which in Greek is called θρησκεία, and in Latin religio, but the religion by which we are bound to God only; this worship, which they call θεοσέβεια, but which we cannot express in one word, but call it the worship of God—this, we say, belongs only to that God who is the true God, and who makes His worshippers gods.” (City of God, St. Augustine, X.1)
      That’s what religion is Bosco. A relationship with God. You need to bind your self to God through the ritual process. Prayer, fasting, sacraments, etc. If you do not do these things, how can you say you have a relationship with God?!? Irreligions are liars. Do you have a relationship (religion) with God? Do you want one? And yet why do you try so hard to mock God? You will see that becoming one with the rituals makes you one with God because God is in the rituals!

  45. St Bosco says:

    By the way, you yourself quoted the some to the resurrection of life and some to the resurrection of condemnation. There are 2 ressurections. The ones to the resurrection of life aren’t judged. Don’t take my word for it. Run it by some or your unsaved profs.

  46. St Bosco says:

    Another thing you overlooked. Notice how in rev, Jesus comes with 10 thousands of his saints? This is befor the resurrection. Those are they that died in Christ and were taken at the rapture. Do you think those 10thousands of saints he will turn around and judge/

  47. Bosco, I’m going to get some books on the book of Revelation to do a study of that on my blog. Feel free to follow along. That’ll start this winter though.

  48. Bosco, I’ll be working through this book when I go through with my study on the book of Revelation.
    Don’t worry, Bauckham is SAVED!

  49. I’ll link you to my blog again when I start up my series on the theology of Revelation. I’ll be interested in its theology, not in its conspiracy theories.

  50. St Bosco says:

    Fuk a book. You need to get saved befor you do anything else.

  51. Bosco, you asked Mary to destroy me…is this God’s love for humanity expressed in your version of Catholicism? I think you need to find a different parish if that’s what your priest is telling you because even in Catholicism, such prayers like that are evil.

    Yeah…your church is opposed to the death penalty. You need to switch parishes ASAP.

  53. St Bosco says:

    Uh, didn’t I tell you long ago, I don’t belong to a church?

  54. you mean you’re not Catholic any more?!?

  55. St Bosco says:

    There is nobodt there but Chalcedon and you and me. Its a gonner. Catholic sites are boring and spiritually dead.

    Bosco look! A Biblical theologian converted to CATHOLICISM! A BIBLICAL THEOLOGIAN!

    • St Bosco says:

      Hes also unsaved. The unsaved fall for anything and everything.Like you, who fell for Satanism. You call youself smart, I think. Other smart people do stupid things like join idiot religions. Befor I was saved, I started going to church on my own, and joined the choir. After I got saved I started hanging out with other saved people. Hahn is just more hell fodder. Don’t be impressed with him

  57. St Bosco says:

    Serious about the bible. God doesn’t let you into heaven because your serious. You need to meet Jesus,

    • I thought Jesus was IN the BIBLE?!?

      • St Bosco says:

        Jesus is spoken of in the bible. So what. All them sadistic pedophile priests have kinda read the bible. Did it help them? You unsaved put too much on things you can see.

      • There aren’t any sadistic priests in Eastern Orthodoxy. Have you ever thought about becoming Eastern Orthodox? And besides, doesn’t everyone besides Mary and Jesus struggle with sin? I realise your objection to priests being pedophiles because they’re supposed to represent God but that’s what makes it such a tragedy. If they didn’t truly represent God, then there’d be no offense done by their crimes against humanity.

  58. St Bosco says:

    are u trying to tell me that theses costume holymen truly represent god?

    • Um…yes. And so do you right now. You, by professing to be a Christian, truly represent the God who is love. Which is why whenever you act repulsively, it is a tragedy and a failing…because you represent God.

  59. St Bosco says:

    I guess you got a point there. Im supposed to represent god(Christ). I am a member of his body, but im a bad example of a witness. But at least im a member. Albeit a bad member.

  60. St Bosco says:

    what makes you think I don’t care? What in the world could have happened to her that quick?

    • From what I heard, Mother apparently had some sort of infection, had an operation earlier this week so the coma was probably induced by the operation. Maybe the doctors are sorting things out right now and she’ll be back on her feet again by the end of the month–that’s what I’m hoping and praying for. Her absence is driving me nuts.

  61. St Bosco says:

    Oh man, an infection. Keep her in your prayers.

  62. You and QVO are the same exact person, aren’t you?

  63. bozoboy87 says:

    British Ontario? How do you know?

    • Trevor (QVO’s real name), this is God speaking. Trevor, you aren’t actually a theist, remember? You are an atheist. You pretend to be some girl named Wayne on the internet and a Hellist Catholic. You don’t believe in me but you will when you die.

  64. bozoboy87 says:

    You baboon, everyone knows I live in so calif.Just look at the pic of me and Dave in this post in ocenside beach calif. What am I doing there if I live in Canada.

  65. Aye, Trevor, Trevor, Trevor. Just admit it! You’re QVO. And then I’ll go away…FOREVER!

  66. Well, QVO is dead… 😦 So I guess you’ll respond if you’re not QVO.

  67. St Bosco says:

    Quia isn’t dead. His brain is dead. Catholicism turned it into a banana slushee. Just like your mind has gone by by.

  68. St Bosco says:

    Everybody is smarter than me. That’s not saying anything.

  69. IRI left Ghost-man Bosco a comment on . Want to check out what he has to say?



  72. Bosco, it troubles me that you do not pray to the Ever-Virgin Mary. How will you be saved if you don’t venerate the Virgin Mary as our Lord and God the Father, Jesus Christ did? Jesus is God the Father incarnate in the flesh!

  73. Bosco, considering that I have studied about 33 credit hours worth of religious studies, I’d say that on this blog, I AM the expert on religious matters. I’ll have studied about 36 credit hours by December and 39 by the time I graduate 6 months from now.

  74. St Bosco says:

    39 credits.i stand in awe at the greatness of your presence.

    • Not quite yet. 6 months from now I will have that many. How many religion classes have you taken? Oh, that’s right–NONE!

      • St Bosco says:

        Oh, I must be going to hell because I haven’t taken any religion classes. Woe is me.

      • i never said you were going to Hell for not taking religion classes. There are many Christians who aren’t religion scholars or theologians or philosophers, etc.

        But it does make me much more of an expert on religion than you since I have taken these courses on religion. You should get a second B.A. in something like philosophy or religious studies. It’s challenging but it would exercise your brain. You don’t need to become a scholar, just get a B.A. in that subject.

  75. Mary is crying for you Bosco…she is sad that you have rejected her son.

    • St Bosco says:

      Whats the matter with you? I don’t for one second believe you are some great catholic. So you can finito la comedia. I told you to switch to beer, not LSD

      • I never said I was some great Catholic.

      • Where do you live Bosco?
        Here is a program in religious studies you could take:

        Here is a program in philosophy you could take:

      • St Bosco says:

        Let me help you out. Do you know what religions are? They are a set of beliefs. And in every case, these beliefs are the invention of some human or group of humans. Quiet as its kept, Protestantism isn’t a religion.Mormon , jehovas, New Age, catholic, Hindustan, Budhist, Judaism, these are religions and are man made…..and false. Now catch your breath and tell me why I want to get a degree in false religion? Learning about something that isn’t there. Theoretically, only one religion can be correct. Philosophically, none of them are correct. jesus is a man, not some religion or a cracker in some golden trinket. if you follow him, you follow a man, not some dag blasted hoakie religion.

      • As a newly baptised Christian, Bosco, I share your belief that only ONE religion is correct. I’m a biased Anglican Catholic now. I believe that only Christianity is the correct religion. But it is fun to study other religions to see how they think and because it challenges and sometimes reinforces my own beliefs. For instance, a New Testament class challenged my former Arianism (I used to believe that our Lord and God Jesus Christ was a created being).

        Within religious studies though, you will find that religion scholars are at odds as to how exactly define a religion. You will learn this if you a take a religions course how complicated it is to define a religion. Take a philosophy of religion course and you might get St. Augustine who defines religion as a binding of oneself to God. Take a religious cultures course and you may get the idea that religion is a collective association of people sharing common characteristics. That’s why you should take a religions degree.

      • St Bosco says:

        Who are you….and what have you done with Newengland?

  76. Bosco, Newengland was drowned on Sunday, October 26…this is the new man now that is talking to you.

    This is the link Chalcedon wanted you to look at. Better read it and report to him ASAP.

  78. St Bosco says:

    Good brother newengland, that report is by the unsaved about the unsaved. I really don’t expect you to understand that. But, that’s how it is. the saved you wont see writing articles and doing philosophy things. That’s for those who are bound for hell. Those of you, I mean.

    • I suppose that St. Paul is also unsaved since he wrote articles and did philosophy things?

      Seriously, Bosco. You need to really think about pursuing a second B.A. in something like religious studies or philosophy. You’d get a lot out of it.

      • St Bosco says:

        Is that what they teach you in bible class? That Paul wrote articles? he wrote letters to friends. Say, is it too late to get your money back? Looks like they didn’t teach you one gat damned thing.

      • article–a written composition in prose, usually nonfiction, on a specific topic, forming an independent part of a book or other publication, as a newspaper or magazine.

        Sounds like what Paul wrote exactly. Any way, I did ask Jesus to reveal himself to me and he told me that you were going to burn if you refused to turn.

  79. St Bosco says:

    Are you drinking again? Paul had NO idea his letter would be gatherd into a book. jesus is talking to you now eh? Well good for you. maybe you might learn something. Maybe you can start your own church. Move the congregation to Guyana. Give them all cool aid to drink

    • Bosco, I’m a Christian now. Being a Christian doesn’t mean I’m at liberty to start my own church. Being a Christian means I become a member of the already existing church. You are not becoming a member of an already existing church. Where do you live? Here is a church you can seek to become a part of. Ask their bishop or priest about baptism and confirmation.

  80. Also remember, Bosco, I’m here to help. If you have questions about Jesus and would like to know more, I’m here to help. Just ask and you will eventually be born anew!

  81. St Bosco says:

    Ill believe youre a chirstian when I see a pig fly by my window.

    • You don’t have to believe I’m a Christian but it would greatly help you. You are my lost brother now Bosco. God wants you to be part of his Holy Church. But he cannot force you into it. This is going to be your free will choice. But he wants you to be saved. He wants you to be baptised. He wants you to eat his body and blood. Are you willing to do this?

  82. St Bosco says:

    Stop wasting my time. Youre not Christian if youre catholic. cathols are not Christian….they are cathol. Christians don’t call a man Holy Father or use graven images. So run along little man. Go tell it to Servus or Williams.

    • You see Bosco, that is where you are wrong. Catholics ARE Christians! I used to think like you do but then I started studying historical theology and realized Catholics were the very earliest Christians! Look at all the people in Christian history you are condemning to Hell–St. Augustine, St. John Chrysostom, St. Ambrose, St. Irenaeus, St. Polycarp, St. Justin Martyr, St. John of Damascus, etc.

      The church fathers help us know how to interpret the Bible. They tell us Matthew 23:9-10 isn’t to be taken literally otherwise that would contradict 1 Cor. 4:14-15 where Paul refers to himself as a spiritual father.

      Read this article on this passage in Matthew. It helps shed light on it.

      And further, if using graven images is wrong then God was telling the Israelites to sin when he had them make cherubs out of stone to use for the Ark of God! Are you saying God led the Israelites into sin?!? Are you seriously calling God a sinner?!? You stand before the Lord on dangerous grounds for your rejection of his true church!

      • St Bosco says:

        people couldn’t go in and bow to the cherubs. paul was spiritual father…he led people to Christ. No contradiction. Did he ask anyone to address him as Father? No. So your argument is a weak as ever. Wait a min…that’s the CCs position… are just towing the line, and its weak. Youre a joke.

      • Bosco the incarnation makes me these icons more than just mere images. They are not graven images because the Holy Spirit has breathed life into them. They are icons and we venerate them and when we venerate them we venerate the person behind them.

        Paul addressed himself as father so clearly he permitted others to address himself as father. Sorry but your arguments aren’t making any sense. You are just towing the same anti-Catholic rhetoric I was towing for the longest time.

        Bosco, Jesus just wants you to listen to his Holy Spirit. Listen to the Holy Spirit and let me help lead you to Christ. Admit you may not know it all. Start over afresh–rebirth. Become born again!

  83. Bosco the incarnation makes me these icons more than just mere images. They are not graven images because the Holy Spirit has breathed life into them. They are icons and we venerate them and when we venerate them we venerate the person behind them.

    Paul addressed himself as father so clearly he permitted others to address himself as father. Sorry but your arguments aren’t making any sense. You are just towing the same anti-Catholic rhetoric I was towing for the longest time.

    Bosco, Jesus just wants you to listen to his Holy Spirit. Listen to the Holy Spirit and let me help lead you to Christ. Admit you may not know it all. Start over afresh–rebirth. Become born again!


  84. St Bosco says:

    Ahhhh Hahahahahahahahahah. You do have a sense of humor after al. HaaaaaaHahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  85. St Bosco says:


  86. So Bosco, going to convert to Lutheranism? (LCMS) (WELS)

    They think the Papacy is the antichrist!


  88. Father Bosco, you NEED TO WAKE UP! WAKE UP AND DON’T DIE!

  89. Bosco do you drink beer? You look pretty good in that picture.

  90. St Bisto,
    Look on the upper right corner of your internet screen when on wordpress. If it’s orange, click on it. Click on the dotted notification(s). There should be a reply button underneath the comment made by the person.

    • St Bosco says:

      Sorry, I don’t see any comment by someone. Why don’t you cut and paste it for me. Be a dear.

      • Did you click the orange notification box in your upper right corner of your wordpress screen? Did you click the person’s name with the blue dot next to it? If you didn’t do either of these things, there will be no comment.

      • St Bosco says:

        Ok, it brought me to archives of comments. All it has is you and me. All our comments. Look newengland, im tired. Ive been away for ten days sleeping on a hard floor and im not in the mood for computer games. Ive jammed Chalcedon for you. You should be happy.. Im going back to sleep.

  91. St Bosco says:

    I didn’t see no persons name. So, whats the deal? What is so important about that? You must be aware that I don’t give a rats tight ass about most things.

    • You will see “X replied to your comment on ________”. Click on that and you will see a comment to reply to. There will be two options beneath the person’s comment: “reply” and “like”. Click “reply”.

  92. I for one am happy Bosco didn’t charge us for the history lesson. It was a very bad one indeed. I’d hate to pay money for that.
    I wrote this for you on Mother’s blog. C hasn’t approved it yet.

  93. St Bosco says:

    Just tell me what was said in the comm box. I cant find it.
    You pay money for that sham bible school you attend. They haven’t taught you one gat damned thing. You are as dumb as when you first signed up. No, let me take that back. You are dumber than when you first signed up.

    • It ain’t a Bible school I attend and I wrote what I commented already. C has not been able to approve of it yet. Bible schools are mostly run by Evangelicals or Fundamentalists and they aren’t entirely the best scholars when it comes to the Bible. I study religious studies and history at Arizona State University. You should seriously consider studying religious studies as well.

    • So Bosco, want to study religion like I do? Check out the USC’s program on it!

      • St Bosco says:

        Religions are all fake. But that don’t bother you. You waste time learning about fake religions. What a joke. One day you might wake up.

      • Whether they are fake or not, studying them gives me a better understanding of the world and the culture of these people. I think you should seriously consider studying religions and seeing what you can learn. Be open-minded but not so open-minded your brain falls out.

      • St Bosco says:

        I know more about world religions than you will ever know. So put you back pack on and go get your 45 min lecture about religions from some dumbfuk, take the test, and go home just as in the dark as you were when you signed up for religion class.

      • No. You do not know squat about world religions and taking religious studies courses will reveal just how little you know.

      • Hey Bosco, the Spirit in me convinced me that Catholicism is the truth. Does that mean I’m a born again Catholic now? Saved? God spoke to me and said Jesus’s church was the Catholic Church after all.

      • St Bosco says:

        im quite sure the spirit in you told you that the graven image pedophle CC is the church for you. Finally we agree on something.

      • And the Spirit in me is the Holy Spirit so Catholicism is Christian! Amen! Now you can com ehome!

      • Bosco, are all Cathols really going to Hell? Why didn’t God reveal to them his truth?

      • St Bosco says:

        cathols have the bible. Their leaders tell them not to bother reading it because its a dead book. many do know the important parts, but they are told not to worry. That’s why you can find cathols kissing a statue of Jupiter and bowing to endless graven images. The love of the invisible god is not in them.

      • Cathols believe in the 10 commandments. They don’t bow down to or worship graven images. They bow down to icons which have been breathed on by the very mouth of God. Kind of like the bronze snake in the Bible and the Angelic Cherubim in the Bible. God loves and approves of icon veneration. This he spoke to me through the Holy Spirit.

      • St Bosco says:

        Come to my other graven image site and see all the cathols in their natural habitat
        then tell me cathols don’t bow befor graven images….fool

      • I posted a brief response to your latest on cherrybombcoutour.

      • St Bosco says:

        Thanks for visiting my catholic pedophile site. I answerd you also. Sign in and become a follower. Love to have you.

      • a nd i responded to you. i will continue repeating what i said until you get it…icons are NOT graven images and they are NOT idols!

      • St Bosco says:

        Silly rabit, graven are things made by human hands. But the word is mostly used for statues. That’s how god uses it.
        You ever been to the Vatican? have you seen the graven image of Jupiter? You fellow cathols have kissed and sucked on his foot so much the shoelaces are plum worn away. And over the centuries they reconstructed his shoes, just to have your fellow cathols lick them away again. No idolatry there , eh sport?

      • You gathered it was Jupiter from the ever trusty internet I see. Very great place to collect information.

        They are NOT just made with human hands. They are also BREATHED ON by the MOUTH OF GOD! It is when they are BREATHED ON by the MOUTH OF GOD that they cease being graven images and become ICONS! What is the proper response? Catholics do this, you do not. This is the difference between Christian and heretic. You are a heretic.

      • St Bosco says:

        Comon man, I got better things to do than fool with your extra stupid ass.

      • Bosco, you’re telling falsehoods about whether or not Catholics worship graven images. I’ve shown you undeniable evidence they don’t. You continue to say they do. You are slandering Catholics. God hates liars.

      • St Bosco says:

        Funny, I don’t recall ever saying cathols worship statues. be a dear, and cut and paste where I said cathols worship statues. here or anywhere. Ill give you 24 hrs to present me the evidence.


      • “Silly rabit, graven are things made by human hands. But the word is mostly used for statues. That’s how god uses it.”
        Bosco, you said Cathols worship graven images which you say are statues! And I never said you said that Cathols worship statues!

      • You are THE ACCUSER! SATAN!

      • St Bosco says:

        Bosco, you’re telling falsehoods about whether or not Catholics worship graven images. I’ve shown you undeniable evidence they don’t. You continue to say they do

        Do you recal saying that? You did say that I accuse cathols of worshiping the statue. Are you taking your meds? Really, you need to put that straight jacket back on. I knew something was wrong with you.

      • Bosco, you say they worship graven images all the fucking time!

      • St Bosco says:

        cut and paste me saying cathols worship the statue, since I say it all the time.

      • If cathols believe the bible, why do you see them bowing befor graven images. I don’t expect you to answer that, because you are full of religion horse shit.

      • St Bosco says:

        I said they bow befor them. That is a true statement. Now cut and paste where I said they worship the statue.. If you cant find it, apologize for slandering me and take a belt and whip your stupid ass like pope Johnpaul used to do.

      • So what is wrong with bowing before icons? Living, breathing, icons!

      • St Bosco says:

        Living breathing icons. man are you one for the books.

      • You think they are just art. You are wrong. They are DOORWAYS to GOD!

      • St Bosco says:

        here, I got a doorway for you.

  94. Bosco, I just realised that my Bible had a nihil obstat from the Catholic Church in it. That means it contains no heresy. If Catholics didn’t believe the Bible, why do they put nihil obstats in them? Your story doesn’t add up. That’s because Catholics DO believe the Bible, you don’t! CHECKMATE!

    • St Bosco says:

      If cathols believe the bible, why do you see them bowing befor graven images. I don’t expect you to answer that, because you are full of religion horse shit.

      • They aren’t graven images. They are God-breathed iconography. I’ve explained this to you numerous times yet you keep slandering. Are you certain that’s the Holy Spirit speaking in you?

  95. Bosco, if you die rejecting Catholic truth, you go to Hell. There are no “ifs” “ands” or “buts”. No more of this “I’m saved” shit from you. You are NOT saved, you are not even baptised. If you want to be saved, you have to get baptised, otherwise, you won’t make it to Heaven. The Bible says so. Read Mother’s post on this subject:

    • St Bosco says:

      Youre a joke. You don’t believe that catholic horse shit either. Youre just tryin to be funny. And youre doin a bad job of that.Now run along and be a good boychek.

      • Bosco, did you not read my Mother’s post?!? The Bible clearly says that if you willingly reject the sacrament of baptism, you will not make it to Heaven because you will not be born again!

      • Of course I believe in Catholicity. I’m an Anglo-Catholic! 🙂

      • St Bosco says:

        Youre a Satanist, which catholic is a subset of. All the same thing.
        Hail Satanas.!!!

      • I’m not a Satanist. I renounced Satan at my baptism. They asked me, “Dost thou renounce the Devil and all his works, the vain pomp and glory of the world, with all covetous desires of the same, and the sinful desires of the flesh, so that thou wilt not follow, nor be led by them?”
        And I answered, “I renounce them all; and, by God’s help, will endeavor not to follow, nor be led by them.”
        (BCP, 277)

        I then made a promise to commit myself to JESUS CHRIST (Christ is his last name) and expressed my desire to be baptised into the faith and they baptised me (BCP, 278).

        I am no longer a Satanist. I am a struggling Christian. All Catholics are Christians.

      • St Bosco says:

        hahahahahahaaaaahahahahaaaaaa. You do have a sense of humor after all. Ok, ahhhh, so you have renounced satan and all his works eh? AAAAAahahahahaha. hey bible scholar, jesus full name was Jesus ben Joseph. His last name was ben Joseph. Ahhh heh heh. maybe you was absent the day they taught that.

      • If his last name is “ben Joseph” why is he called “JESUS CHRIST”?!? CHECKMATE!

      • St Bosco says:

        Checkmate. I bet you don’t even know how to play chess. Youre to simple minded. Christ is a title you jackass. Im trying to educate your dumb ass. Listen with you ears and not your fingertips.

      • I’ve been playing chess before you were born.

      • St Bosco says:

        Oh man, you gotta take your meds. Youre falling apart.

  96. Great news, Bosco! I checked a Catholic source which gave insight into the graven images thing and it said it was talking about cut or hewn or carved images being bad! Well…Cathols use CAST images so they aren’t committing idolatry! So they will make it to HEAVEN! THIS IS WONDERFUL, ISN’T IT?!?

  97. John 3:3-7
    3 Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born anew,[b] he cannot see the kingdom of God.” 4 Nicode′mus said to him, “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?” 5 Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. 6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.[c] 7 Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born anew.’[d]

    Bosco, if you are not baptised, you are not born again. So stop claiming you are born again when you aren’t even baptised. Follow the Lamb and become born again HIS way!

  98. Areyou 100% sure I was never baptized? Or are you just wiggin out. You think I don’t know these things? You jive time turkey

  99. No. It was in the name of grouch harpo and Zeppo marx

  100. Bosco–the Holy Spirit says that if you continue to blaspheme Mary, you will end up in Hell–a message from the LORD.

  101. The Holy Ghost is a very confusing creature. Since it is the Archangel Gabriel, it cannot be killed. Jesus is Michael the Archangel.

    If you do not confess that Jesus is Michael the Archangel and was created ex nihilo by God the Father and that he created everything else, you will die in your sins (Sir-Rabi 8:67).

  102. Gospel of Thomas Aquinas 6:44–Jesus is God of God and Light of Light.

    The Gospel of Thomas Aquinas was a pagan Gospel manufactured by the heretical Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. Stick with the books of the Bible–Sir-Rabi, Ben Rafael, Nostradamus, and King Lear.

  103. The heretic Catholics try to use 1 John 5:7-8 to “prove” the Holy Spirit and Jesus are God Almighty. They are wrong. This v erse says they are one family. No one else can be incorporated into this divine family.

  104. Hey Bosco! Did you see the painting here today?
    There’s a couple of gold things in the back. I’m not sure but they’re probably testacles!

  105. I cant see that good but you are most likely rite.

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