Good brother newengland is our newest hero.

Good brother newengland is our newest hero.

Out of the mouths of babes comes wisdom. The old stodgy farts couldn’t come up with an answer. They are too busy quoting fraudulent catholic holymen who all they do is paraphrase whats already in the bible. Whats the use in that? But they puff themselves up thinking they are showing us how knowledgable they are because they know what Cryil the maniac said, or some other hell bound costume holy man said. But they couldn’t answer what a biblical filthy rag is. Hahahahahaha. zWhat would Cryil say? Cryil reminds us that the red thing on a string isn’t a teabag. Even a teacher who teaches the bible, or the catechism, didn’t know. . Well, you know the saying…those who can Do…those who cant TEACH. One day good brother Newengland might put it all together and get saved…I hope.


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20 Responses to Good brother newengland is our newest hero.

  1. a) It’s CYRIL that Auntie cites–CYRIL!
    b) ALL English translations of the Bible are PARAPHRASES so if you are citing an English Bible, you’re simply citing some “Bible scholar” nut that doesn’t even know what a “Biblical filthy rag” is and who is simply just a “holy man paraphrasing the Bible”–yikes! Hellbound Bosco!
    c) This picture is disgusting and I’ve already tattled on you to Auntie but you should remove it before she sees it, otherwise, you will probably get in more trouble than you already are in which, sadly, isn’t saying much.

    • St Bosco says:

      Trouble is my middle name.

      Lookin for trouble?…you come to the rite place

      • Bosco, at least accurately represent your opponents in debate. So please, let me get you started with a list of books you can use to equip you in debating Auntie and her Catholic friends:

        N.T. Wright’s series titled Christian Origins and the Question of God–multi-volume and tedious but it’ll make you smart and equip you to blow past Auntie’s Marian theology and that shared by her Catholic friends.
        Fr. Sergius Bulgakov’s The Orthodox Veneration of the Mother of God contains condemnations to the immaculate conception including Luigi Gambero’s Mary and the Fathers of the Church.
        Jaroslav Pelikan’s Mary Through the Centuries contains some stuff that shows how Auntie’s Mariology is not entirely the same as that of the earliest church.
        Mary in the New Testament is a solid group of essays as well.

        There’s your start, read up, debate them! Go for gold!

  2. St Bosco says:

    Thanks. Ill write the names of the books down and keep them in my car so if I go by a bookstore I can ask about them.

  3. St Bosco says:

    You fancy yourself a hacker I presume?
    I got something you can do for me.

  4. St Bosco says:

    Don’t worry. Ill escape hell some kinda way. Don’t forget to write.

  5. St Bosco says:

    Youll get your wish. Theres a good you tube vid on hell. Some young girl went there and it shows what it might be like. Man, you know, I knows its just a guess at hell, but its worse than the vid, but the vid is pretty bad. remember me when you get there.

  6. St Bosco says:

    Youre on heroin.

  7. Bosco, read this article I re-blogged. Click “view original”.

    It’s quite helpful to you because it explains what theology is and how it is ABUSED when it is used ENTIRELY for INTELLECTUAL reasons! i.e. it AGREES with you while still maintaining its IMPORTANCE!

  8. precisely, how does knowing that a biblical filthy rag is a sanitary napkin supposed to help me become “saved”?

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