Im Snowed In

Ever seen snow on a freaking palm tree?

Ever seen snow on a freaking palm tree?

Im at the garage door looking out

Im at the garage door looking out

This isn’t supposed to happen in sunny so cal. Its my first time living in the snow. Its snowed last nite. I was wondering what those things were floating down.I cant drive. T
he street

s ice


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Diagnostic biochemist. Bacteriologist(pathogenic diagnostic). jazz guitarist. Candidate chess Master.
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53 Responses to Im Snowed In

  1. Happy New Year to you, you Hell-bound idolater who does not bow before our God, Mary the Mother and Spouse of God, as he has been commanded to by Mary, who died for our sins after becoming her own Son.

  2. To hell with you and the catholic church.

  3. I saw this video a few yrs ago. You must think I was born yesterday. The guys an idolater.Like you.

  4. Site also says:
    Note that the context shows that the term “graven image” is used to refer to an idol—an image created to be worshiped as a god. Could this mean there are in the Bible two classifications of image—true images and false images? Appropriate images and in­appropriate images? If so, how do we distin­guish between them?

    Note: it’s important to note a DISTINCTION between graven images (which you accuse Catholics and Orthodox and High Anglicans of worshipping) and images that are APPROPRIATE for worship.

    To help your studies, I recommend two books:
    Orthodox Christianity, v. III:The Architecture, Icons, and Music of the Orthodox Church by Met. Hilarion Alfeyev and Icons and the Name of God by Fr. Sergius Bulgakov.

    Remember Bosco, as long as you reject the veneration of icons, you stand APART from Christ and AWAY from Christ. If you do not venerate the icons and the saints, you will SEVER yourself from salvation and from the Church. Don’t do that.

  5. Shut up you stupid idiot. You can ride your graven images to hell if you want.

    • Bosco, they aren’t graven images. I’ve told you that numerous times. The spirit in you, that’s not God. That’s a demon. I would recommend asking for an exorcism from a local Catholic parish.

  6. I get it…you’ve taken up comedy. let me know where you are going to perform next.

  7. Bosco, I love you and want you to be a Christian. Read this article proving why you need to venerate icons in order to get to Heaven.

  8. That’s a catholic joke and youre a joke.

  9. I see you’re into slander again on C’s blog.

    I have never said that Mary had political power. I said that Mary was the Queen of Heaven–Jesus’s kingdom. Jesus’s kingdom is not of this world. Nice try though but the more you slander, the less Christian you become and the less Christian you become, the more unsaved you are.

    • You dip stick. It said that in the article you sent me. I never said you said it. But im not saying that you aren’t nuts and don’t think crazy thoughts….because you do. You and your newly found catholic church of the pedophile. Hey, it dawned on me. maybe you love the CC some musch because you want to be a pedophile priests. Lots of yummy choir boys for the offing. Yummy yum. Alter boysz.


    This article. The priestcraft would welcome you. Youre perfect for them. I say gofor it.

  11. Because its a craft, like witchcraft. Catholic priests conjure up god and do incantations and wave their arms around and bring god down from the sky. Its a type of witchcraft.

    • No. They pray to God and God hears their prayers and answers them and comes down to lead everyone. This is exactly what Moses and the Old Testament priests and prophets did. Catholic priests are no different.

      Doesn’t your pastor pray and ask God to do things for your congregation? HA! PASTORCRAFT! You should go into this business of pastorcraft.

  12. The catholic prays and god comes down to lead everyone.

    Boy, are you a sucker or what.

    • Moses prays and God comes down as a pillar of cloud during the day and a pillar of fire at night. WOW! The Catholic does exactly what MOSES did! So Moses must’ve been a witch too, right?

      The Jewish priests in the Old Testament prayed and God would come down to accept the sacrifice. Again, WITCHCRAFT (according to you)!

  13. the Hebrew priests were real priests. the levites. And Moses didn’t ask god to come down as a pillar of fire. God did that on his own. Are you really in some bible school? if you are, is it too late to get your money back?

    • Fair enough…Moses lifts up his STAFF and God parts the sea. WITCHCRAFT!

      So the Hebrew priests were real priests and the Catholic priests are not? Where is your proof? It’s beginning to sound more and more as if you are VERY biased.

  14. Look in your bible. levites are the only priests. What the hell are you smoking now a days?

    • No. Look in your Bible. Jesus is a priest in the Order of Melchizedek (not Levi!). Psalm 110:4, Hebrews 5:6, 10, 6:20.

      Either Jesus is a false priest or there is a new priestly order with Jesus as the high priest and therefore, since all Catholic priests are in the Order of Melchizedek after Jesus since you need not have genealogical ties to be in this Order as Melchizedek was himself without genealogy (Hebrews 7:3). Thus, Catholic priests are valid.

      • You must think im stupid. You young people think the world was born when you were. Jesus is of the tribe of Juda. His order is of Melchisedek. He was Melchisedek. Search the NT, priests are done away with. But the devilish catholic and Anglicans call men priests. Bunch of gad damned homos. These are who you Bozos call priests? MMMAAAAhahahahahaha.

      • Jesus was not Melchizedek. He had a genealogy whereas Melchizedek did not (Heb. 7:3, Matt. 1:1-17, Luke 3:23-38).

        And yes, the New Testament has priests (1 Pet. 2:9, Rev. 1:5-6).

      • And I don’t think you’re stupid. I know you’re stupid.

      • Who do you think Mechisedek was? Or do you even have a thought on the subject? Maybe, your class hasn’t got to that yet.

      • Just some random king of Salem that Abraham met. Why would he have to be something more?

      • In all honesty, I have to ask you if its not too late to get your money back from this college. These bible classes aren’t teaching you a gat damned thing. Maybe I should be more patient with you. Ill help you out here my friend. What is Salem? And who would be King of Salem? What is one of Jesus names? Do you happen to know? Its Prince of Peace. salem is Hebrew for peace. Mechisedeck was King or Prince of Peace. I hope this gets you alittle closer.

      • Melchizedek is translated literally, MY king is righteousness (NOT king of righteousness). God don’t have a king above me you blasphemous heretic. Salem is traditionally identified as Jerusalem. Who else is king of Jerusalem? David.

      • EDIT: I said “above me” I meant “above him”.

      • Youre a clown. I told you to switch to weed and lay off the heroin.

      • A clown just called me a clown and told me to lay off the heroin. I take it this person is the one who actually takes heroin.

  15. 1 Pet 2;9 says all the saved are a priesthood. It doesn’t single out any few people. The NT is for the saved. You needent bother yourself with it. Stick to man made doctrine.

  16. Im going to give you some time to find that one out, Mr Know it all bible student. Im not surprised you don’t know. But its the central theme.

    • So basically, the moment I believe and am born again, I go to Heaven even if I reject Christ in the end or live my life loving sin more than I love God?

      • Kinda difficult to reject him once you know him

        By the wayMr Bible school, Jesus died for ALl your sins, not just a few.

      • Many people who have known Jesus in their infancy come to reject Jesus.

        And yes, my church (and the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church) teach that. The priest is acting as an agent of Christ when he forgives me of ALL my sins (not just a “few”).

  17. Does the priest take you into the back room and , uh, make you, uh ,more worthy?

    • No. He takes me outside the church where I confess my sins to him and then he forgives me. It is at a cemetery so it is not like he can molest me since people can see it. Most Anglicans do public, not private, confession. And I’ve actually rode in his car once and again, no molestation. Our priest is not like that. There might be some who are but our priest is not. Hate to burst your bubble.

  18. Hey look! I found a picture of Bosco!

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