Good Brother Newengland and Respondeo From Good Sister Jess

This forum can be used to make amends to good sister Jess by Good brother Newengland. I will invite here here.


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Diagnostic biochemist. Bacteriologist(pathogenic diagnostic). jazz guitarist. Candidate chess Master.
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6 Responses to Good Brother Newengland and Respondeo From Good Sister Jess

  1. Bosco the Great says:

    Newengland, I thought you were over acting like a jackass.

  2. Thank you for providing a means for me to communicate with Mother.
    Mother, I’m sorry I thought you were ignoring me. I just desperately want to be your child again and Bosco has provided this wonderful opportunity here for us to communicate. Bosco can be profane sometimes so I understand if you don’t want to stay on this site and communicate some where else for conversations. QVO has also provided his own site if you’d rather go there.

    Just respond to any of my comments there with a conversation starter. QVO is less profane than Bosco is so if you’d rather there, I’d honestly rather there as well.

    My comments will hopefully show up now in your dialogue box if we can communicate via this post of Bosco’s or QVO’s. Both posts can simply just be for private conversations between you and I. I am trying desperately not to swear any more though and clean my tongue. I just lose control sometimes. You’ve always known that though.

    Once again, thanks Bosco and QVO for providing your blog posts as mediums for Mother and I to communicate.

  3. Bosco the Great says:

    Qiav the Great is less profane than Bosco the Great. (;-D haahahahahahaha. I guess I am less profane than Quiav.

  4. Bosco the Great says:

    Oh yes…sorry

  5. Bosco the Great says:

    Hey dragon boy, do your parents keep you in a cage at nite? Because you are certifiable nuts. Go find some luny bin site or some catholic priest site where you zonked out homos can weird each other out. (;-D I fully expect to see you on the evening news one day soon. Ill be able to say….Hey, I know that lunatic. I wondered when he was gonna snap . Police will find human remains in your refridgerator. You’ve been eating your homosexual partners.

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