ImageImageImageImageHere are the pictures i promised brother Chalcedon. He didnt believe the popes mitre had tails. According to bro Chalcedon, its just a coincidence. Lets take a hypothetical look at the designing of this hat. The conversation might have gone like this;

Well, how shall we shape the poniffs hat?

I dunno.

Say, how about a giraffe hat?

No no, too odd.

Ok, uh, how about a banana? thats the ticket.

Naw, say how about a fish head, yeah, a fish hat.

Say, thats a great idea.



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Catholic Statues Do have Power. (just dont admit it)

ImageImageImageWe dont worship graven images. They are just there to aid our prayers. They direct our prayers. Now why should that be bad? We reprimand those protestants who say we worsip statues. We tell them they have no power, we just venerate the demon, i mean, the person behind the image. Excuse me. i have to drive to the next town. Someone has bird poop on their windshield that looks like the Virgin of Guadalupe. I must go and worship, i mean, venerate it. maybe ill kiss it. Invisible god, naw. We catholic worship only what we see. Weve been taught that from birth. Plus, we only care about the female deity, called Mary. We lie when we say we believe in Christ. We say that to shut up the christians.Our graven images are alive. Burn those bibles and make everyone read the catechism. Then everyone will love graven images and Mary and forget about Jesus. Yes, thank you Mary. Lets once again kill bible believers. Thank you Mary

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Our little secret

Our little secret

Dont admit this to any protestants

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Deposit of Faith

ImageOh yes, the catholic church is the One Holy Apostolic True church. Well, if it wasnt for the money laundering and rampant pedophilia i guess it would be. Naw. God doesnt work that way, his body doesnt have a headquarters or costumed holymen. Oh, and His church doesnt burn bible believers to death.

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Catholic Church

Catholich Church

Eat Me

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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