Good Brother Newengland and Respondeo From Good Sister Jess

This forum can be used to make amends to good sister Jess by Good brother Newengland. I will invite here here.

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Good Brother Chalcedon


When someone speaks Italian, it makes me want pizza. So I had to start the dough now so it can be ready at dinner time. I put good brothers name on the bowl so you can know im being truthful about it. And no, im not in prison like good sister Ginny likes to think. Aye, good sister Ginny, get up off yer knees from befor Tammuz for a min and watch me make pizza dough. Learn something for once.

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Im Snowed In

Ever seen snow on a freaking palm tree?

Ever seen snow on a freaking palm tree?

Im at the garage door looking out

Im at the garage door looking out

This isn’t supposed to happen in sunny so cal. Its my first time living in the snow. Its snowed last nite. I was wondering what those things were floating down.I cant drive. T
he street

s ice

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Good brother newengland is our newest hero.

Good brother newengland is our newest hero.

Out of the mouths of babes comes wisdom. The old stodgy farts couldn’t come up with an answer. They are too busy quoting fraudulent catholic holymen who all they do is paraphrase whats already in the bible. Whats the use in that? But they puff themselves up thinking they are showing us how knowledgable they are because they know what Cryil the maniac said, or some other hell bound costume holy man said. But they couldn’t answer what a biblical filthy rag is. Hahahahahaha. zWhat would Cryil say? Cryil reminds us that the red thing on a string isn’t a teabag. Even a teacher who teaches the bible, or the catechism, didn’t know. . Well, you know the saying…those who can Do…those who cant TEACH. One day good brother Newengland might put it all together and get saved…I hope.

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My Trip to the Beach today


No, this isn’t me, its my atheist friend Dave.

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Hello, Im a part Time Catholic Priest and Full Time Pedophile

I should have been a mormon

A federal judge decreed a prison term of more than seven years Thursday for Bernie Ward, whose 15-year career as a leading liberal voice on Bay Area talk radio disintegrated when he admitted downloading graphic images of child sex and distributing them on the Internet.

Ward’s case is a “personal tragedy,” and a prison term may not be the best way to help him or the children exploited by pornography, Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker said as he imposed the sentence in a San Francisco courtroom. But he noted that federal law requires at least a five-year sentence, and said some aspects of the case were disturbing.

Walker said Ward, a former Roman Catholic priest whose KGO broadcasts included the Sunday morning “God Talk” program, “had an opportunity to think long, hard and deeply about the problems of child abuse” in the Catholic Church. Why, the judge asked, “when he encountered his own predilection (for child pornography), didn’t he seek treatment, seek help?”

I like to Bring um young

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hello, my name is Father Seppia, and Im in charge of fighting pedophilia

hello, my name is Father Seppia, and Im in charge of fighting pedophilia

When im not flat on my back hihj on coke, im chasing little boys down the street.
Catholic priest in charge of sex scandal caught with kiddy porn
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It’s beginning to look like any effort to “clean up” the Catholic church of pedophiles is an impossible task. Consider this: Pope Benedict XVI’s right hand man in charge of helping him track down pedo priests, Father Riccardo Seppia, was arrested last May when he was caught trying to arrange sexual encounters with his drug dealer. Now, it seems as though another priest in charge of investigating pederasts has been arrested of actually being one. Married Jarvis [Not a name but a title for some reason] was recently commissioned by the Diocese of Plymouth, England to ensure that pedophiles would not have access to children. He’s been fired from his job after police found over 4000 sexually explicit pictures of minors. Way to clean house, guys.

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ImageImageImageImageHere are the pictures i promised brother Chalcedon. He didnt believe the popes mitre had tails. According to bro Chalcedon, its just a coincidence. Lets take a hypothetical look at the designing of this hat. The conversation might have gone like this;

Well, how shall we shape the poniffs hat?

I dunno.

Say, how about a giraffe hat?

No no, too odd.

Ok, uh, how about a banana? thats the ticket.

Naw, say how about a fish head, yeah, a fish hat.

Say, thats a great idea.



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Catholic Statues Do have Power. (just dont admit it)

ImageImageImageWe dont worship graven images. They are just there to aid our prayers. They direct our prayers. Now why should that be bad? We reprimand those protestants who say we worsip statues. We tell them they have no power, we just venerate the demon, i mean, the person behind the image. Excuse me. i have to drive to the next town. Someone has bird poop on their windshield that looks like the Virgin of Guadalupe. I must go and worship, i mean, venerate it. maybe ill kiss it. Invisible god, naw. We catholic worship only what we see. Weve been taught that from birth. Plus, we only care about the female deity, called Mary. We lie when we say we believe in Christ. We say that to shut up the christians.Our graven images are alive. Burn those bibles and make everyone read the catechism. Then everyone will love graven images and Mary and forget about Jesus. Yes, thank you Mary. Lets once again kill bible believers. Thank you Mary

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Our little secret

Our little secret

Dont admit this to any protestants

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